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Word of the Day


Definition: (adjective) Gruesomely indicative of death or the dead.
Synonyms: ghastly, sepulchral
Usage: The charnel smell coming from the suspect's basement left little doubt that he was the killer we were seeking.
Article of the Day

Samuel Morland

For about a decade following the 1649 execution of King Charles I, England had no monarch. Morland became disillusioned with the government of the Commonwealth, which ruled for part of that period, and became a double agent working to restore the crown. His espionage work allowed him to enter the service of the king after the Restoration. He was also an avid inventor who created one of the earliest internal combustion engines. It was not for use in transportation, but was used to move what? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Forming Superlative Adjectives

We form superlative adjectives either by adding "-est" to the end of the adjective, or by adding the word "most" before the adjective. Although there are some exceptions, we can follow some simple general rules for forming superlative adjectives. What are they? More...
Idiom of the Day

rue the day (that something happened)

To curse or bitterly regret a point in time (in which something happened or one did something). More...

This Day in History

Circus Acrobat Otto Witte Crowned King of Albania…or Not (1913)

Witte was a German citizen and circus acrobat who claimed to have impersonated his way into being crowned King of Albania in 1913—by some accounts, on August 13. According to Witte, he enjoyed the royal harem and reigned for several days before being discovered as an impostor. Though he was likely lying, his story was picked up by several publications, including Time magazine. What novel may have given Witte the idea for his story, and what other novel was then based on Witte? More...
Today's Birthday

Lucy Stone (1818)

In 1847, Stone became the first Massachusetts woman to graduate college. Not long after, she began speaking on women's rights. An effective orator, she is said to have swayed antagonistic audiences and inspired Susan B. Anthony to join the cause. She kept her own name after marriage as a protest against the unequal laws applied to married women, and others who did the same called themselves "Lucy Stoners." She caused an uproar by wearing "bloomers." What were they, and why were they so named? More...
Today's Holiday

Iowa State Fair (2020)

One of America's foremost state fairs, the Iowa State Fair is held for 11 days at the fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa. Attracting close to a million people each year, the fair is famous for having inspired the Phil Stong novel, State Fair, and three movies based on the novel. The fair is also famous for its cow made out of butter, which is kept in a display case cooled to 40 degrees. Sheep are an important feature at the fair, and sheepshearing contests are popular. The big boar contest is also popular; the winning animal always weighs in at more than half a ton. More...
Quote of the Day
But reason has no power against feeling, and feeling older than history is no light matter.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: success

marplot - A person who spoils a plot or who ruins the success of an undertaking or process. More...

acid test - A test that is conclusive of the value or success of something, derived from the original use of nitric acid as a test for gold. More...

core asset, core competency - A core asset is something essential to success, and a core competency is a distinguishing advantage. More...

exploit - Originally meant "progress, success," and "speed." More...

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