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Word of the Day


Definition: (verb) Edit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate.
Synonyms: expurgate, sanitize
Usage: The publisher refused to bowdlerize the classic novel, so the school board voted to place it on the district's banned books list.
Article of the Day

The Dance of the Seven Veils

Though the Dance of the Seven Veils is not mentioned in the biblical account of John the Baptist's death, it has come to be associated with the event in subsequent retellings of the story. King Herod is said to have offered his stepdaughter, Salomé, anything she wanted in exchange for a dance—in which she removed seven layers of clothing. At the prompting of her mother, she demanded the head of John the Baptist after her performance. What Assyrian myth may have inspired the dance? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Defining Nominal Adjectives

We know that adjectives are words that modify (or describe) nouns. Nominal adjectives, on the other hand, are adjectives that perform the function of a noun in a sentence. They are preceded by the word "the" and can be found as the subject or the object of a sentence or clause. What are some examples of nominal adjectives? More...
Idiom of the Day

the knacker's yard

A state of ruin or failure due to having become useless or obsolete. Refers to a slaughterhouse for old or injured horses. More...

This Day in History

Lego Patents Its Interlocking Plastic Bricks (1958)

The founder of Lego, a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen, began making wooden toys in 1932. By the late 1940s, he had begun making plastic ones, including "automatic binding bricks," which he patented in 1958. Today, Lego produces roughly 20 billion of those bricks annually, and today's pieces are still compatible with the originals. By producing some 306 million miniature, functioning replicas of this item each year, Lego could be considered the world's leading manufacturer of what? More...
Today's Birthday

Colette (1873)

In her highly eventful life, French novelist Colette freely flouted convention and repeatedly scandalized the public, but by her later years, she had become a national icon. Her numerous novels are marked by sensitive observations—particularly of women—and an intimate style. Among her works are The Vagabond, a fictionalized account of her time as a music-hall performer, and Gigi, a comedy about a girl reared to be courtesan. In 1907, she nearly caused a riot by doing what on stage? More...
Today's Holiday

St. Charlemagne's Day (2021)

Charlemagne wasn't actually a saint at all; he was an emperor and the first ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, crowned in 800 by Pope Leo III. Although he was never able to read and write himself, Charlemagne, whose name means "Charles the Great," founded the University of Paris. In fact, his reign was marked by a huge cultural revival, including significant advances in scholarship, literature, and philosophy. He died on January 28, 814. More...
Quote of the Day
And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.
(900 BC-800 BC)
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: tear

discerp - To shred or tear something apart. More...

avulse - To tear or pull away or pluck off. More...

deracinate - "To pluck or tear up by the roots," from Latin racine, "root." More...

dilacerate, dilaniate - To tear or rip something or someone to shreds is to dilacerate or dilaniate. More...

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