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Word of the Day


Definition: (verb) Detain in conversation by or as if by holding on to the outer garments of; as for political or economic favors.
Synonyms: lobby
Usage: It is not easy to buttonhole her for an interview.
Article of the Day


Alternately known as fisticuffs, bare-knuckle boxing is the original form of boxing and involves two combatants fighting without gloves or padding on their hands. Though closely related to ancient combat sports, it differs from street fighting in that there are specific rules that participants must observe, such as not striking an opponent who is already down. John L. Sullivan, who won a 75-round match in 1889, was one of the last great bare-knuckle boxers. Who are some other notable pugilists? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

"Enough" as an Adverb of Degree

The word "enough" can be used as another adverb of degree, meaning "sufficiently or to a satisfactory amount or degree," "very, fully, or quite," or "tolerably." In what two ways does "enough" differ from other adverbs of degree? More...
Idiom of the Day

no pressure

Said ironically to emphasize that what is being discussed carries a large amount of importance or makes one feel that one must try very hard to succeed. More...

This Day in History

Pro Wrestler Owen Hart Falls to His Death in the Ring (1999)

Regardless of whether one considers professional wrestling a sport or merely choreographed entertainment, one cannot deny that wrestlers often risk serious injury in the ring. High-flying stunts and feats of flamboyant showmanship are now par for the course. Tragically, the dangerous nature of wrestling was graphically illustrated in 1999, when Hart, one of professional wrestling's most respected stars, was killed during a live event. The tragedy unfolded when what stunt went horribly wrong? More...
Today's Birthday

Margaret Fuller (1810)

One of the most influential American literary personalities of her day, Fuller was a critic, teacher, and woman of letters. She was an ardent feminist, and her Woman in the Nineteenth Century is now considered a classic piece of feminist literature. While working in Italy as a foreign correspondent, Fuller met and married a marquis. Exiled for their support of the failed 1848-49 revolution, they sailed for the US with their infant son. What disaster befell them at the end of their voyage? More...
Today's Holiday

Bishop Mule Days (2018)

This is a raucous salute in Bishop, California, to that workhorse of the ages, the mule. Mule Days was started in 1969 by mule-packers who wanted to have a good time and initiate their summer packing season. Now about 50,000 people show up in Bishop for the celebration. A highlight is the Saturday morning 250-unit parade, billed as the world's largest non-motorized parade. Other events include mule-shoeing contests and such muleback cowboy events as steer roping and barrel racing. There are also mule shows and sales, western art, barbecues, and country dances. More...
Quote of the Day
I am tempted to think that to be despised by her sex is a very great compliment to a woman.
William Makepeace Thackeray
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: pineapple

collective fruit - That which is formed from a mass of flowers, as the mulberry, pineapple, etc. More...

Hawaiian pizza - A pizza topped with pineapple and ham or prosciutto. More...

pineapple - Originally, pineapple was the word for pinecone, since the cone is the fruit of the pine and apple had the former general meaning "fruit"; pineapple is neither "pine" nor "apple," but is a very big berry and is also called "king pine" or "excellent fruit." More...

multiple fruit, fruitlet - The pineapple is termed a multiple fruit because it forms from the individual ovaries of several flowers; each raised button on its surface is called a fruitlet. More...

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