The 8 reasons your mispelling the 40 most misspelled words

Autocorrect. Its It's almost always there, in some form or another. And no matter what device your you're using, they're their there is one common feature: it doesn't always work!
Spelling still matters. Especially if you're in a professional or academic setting. But there are so many words! And when the spelling exceptions outweigh the rules, you need help. You're in luck.
We've compiled a list of some of the most common misspelled words and grouped them into the reasons they're most often misspelled.
Now, without further adieu ado: 40 of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language, and the 8 reasons you're misspelling them.

1. You're using the wrong word.

2. You forgot double letters.

3. I before, except after C.

4. I before E, except after C, except for these weird exceptions!

Learn more about the I before E rule here.

5. E, not A

6. S or C?

7. It's actually two words.

8. You just need to memorize it.

Extra points if you caught the (definitely intentional!) misspellings in the headline.
No list is complete. Which misspelling did we miss?
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