Searches for "jamboree" are up 400%

"Jamboree" has been one of the most-searched words at on July 25, 2017, after President Donald Trump's speech at the National Scout Jamboree on Monday evening.

So what is a jamboree?

In its most specific sense, it’s a large national (or international) gathering of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.
It can also be used in a general sense to mean "a noisy celebration" or "a mass gathering or assembly, as of a political party or association."
The first known use of the word was in the US in the 1860s. Though most sources list the origin of the word as "unknown," its creation may have been influenced by "shivaree," the most common American regional form of charivari, a word of French origin meaning "a noisy mock serenade for newlyweds."
Whereas a jamboree is a national or international meeting of scouts, a local meeting of scouts is called a "camporee."
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